It is all about the music

Let’s make your musical ideas become reality!

Are you having issues finishing songs? Do you feel stuck when it comes to arranging your songs? Or do you find that your tracks don’t have the same weight and punch compared to professionally produced music? I can help you with this… and more!


From mixing and mastering your song to arranging and giving you feedback, all the way through to producing an unique, original song from the ground up that you can call your own.

The following services are available:

-Mixing / Mastering
-Ghost Production
-Sound design


Avoid wasting time and get straight-to-the-point tutoring from the comfort of your own home. Take a huge leap and learn everything you need to make the music in your head. This is useful for you whether you are just starting out or have been producing music for several years. From DAW functionality, workflow and music theory, to mixing and mastering, hardware synths, drum machines and samplers. Just ask me and I will guide you through a number of ways your issue can be resolved.


Ever recorded something and the audio did not meet the expectations? The birds started chirping the moment you hit record on that all-important interview? No worries! Get your audio recordings sounding better and more professional: from Podcast editing (English, Spanish, Norwegian), to audio restoration, I can give your audio the proper treatment, making it shiny, competitive and convincing.

“Absolutely remarkable! He went above and beyond my expectations and was incredibly professional and thorough with the lesson. It would be difficult to find a better freelancer for teaching and working with Ableton Live. I highly recommend him for his integrity and expertise.”

Gregg R.

Let’s make something beautiful together