Hi there, welcome! I am a music producer and audio engineer from Colombia, I produce mainly within the realms of House and Techno.

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I believe social media is one of the worst things that we’ve created. I stopped taking an active part in 2014. I couldn’t continue putting work into something that is counterproductive to the progress of our species. Which sounds like a terrible idea for an artist, right? Sure! It is nearly impossible for an artist to succeed without social media nowadays. Did I shoot myself on the foot? Probably!

Everyone is supposed to be a brand, and to promote themselves, lest your value as a human being be compromised. My thoughts: pathetic.

What am I reading? I hear you say… Well, I’m going to write about values and what is the reasoning behind everything I do. Which, short answer: because I fucking love it. Long answer? Read on…

One of the bastions of progress, free thought, expression and creativity in the world of music was the underground dance music scene, which got ravaged by the superficiality brought upon by social media as of late. Not to mention being infiltrated by our biggest enemy: racism, fascism, Nazism.

The tenets of electronic dance music, right from the onset, have been that of inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance. House music was born out of the ashes of disco, out of groups of people that needed a place to belong. It started brewing out of underground night clubs in Chicago, Detroit and New York in the early 80s. In these clubs, people of all races, all socio-economic backgrounds, and all sexual orientations, found a space where, for a few hours, could be free from worries; where the issues and stigma of the outside world stayed out the door and everyone inside was equal, and all that mattered was the present moment… and the music, of course.

Because of its instrumental nature, Electronic music is an exceptional avenue for bringing humans together who wouldn’t otherwise come together. It is an unifying agent that is welcoming to everyone from all races, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations and socio-economic backgrounds.

This is powerful and positive. It is beautiful. It is a force of good, something that can and has been used as a way for society to heal.

Unfortunately, 40 years later, even the underground has given way to superfluous attitudes and selfishness which do not represent what this music is all about. It’s all about “likes” and “followers” or whatever may be the thing nowadays. Even during a global pandemic, DJs of the so called underground are playing illegal raves? This isn’t 1989 and the Second Summer of Love, while on the other hand there’s others posting show-off pictures from their luxurious “lockdown” life in Ibiza. What a disappointment.

Today (not today, after covid goes away) when the world is more divided than ever, electronic music clubs (and the music that make them what they are) are more relevant and important than ever. Racism is rampant. Classism and social inequalities are broadening more and more due to policies implemented by governments that refuse to admit that the best societies are built from the ground up and not from the top down.

The constant state of stress in the world is another thing that needs to be taken care of along with other pressing matters. And I truly believe that music and dancing are incredible healing mechanisms for both physical and mental issues in addition to the already mentioned abilities for healing society at large.

Dance music as a conduit for many things, including healing and maintaining good health.

Let’s keep it that way.

Now you have a better idea of who I am and why I do what I do and the things I believe in.

I hope you enjoy the music I make and will make in the future. I am glad that you found your way here, you are welcome here. Unless you’re a Nazi. In which case: fuck off and die.

Oh yeah, fuck social media too. That’s the lowest form of entertainment. And it is making you dumb. So there’s that. 🤷‍♂️