Morgengry / Mørkt vann | Elk 009

Today I’m releasing a two track ep which contains Morgengry and Mørkt vann, tracks that I’ve been working on for about a year in the case of Morgengry, and 2 years in the case of Mørkt vann.

Morgengry is the kind of early morning track you would hear being played at the end of a great DJ set, the sun is rising, another great night is over and you’re soon going home, hopefully with the bass melody stuck in your head.

Mørkt vann has a quirky bass line which is also memorable, though the vibe is a bit different here, it is the more experimental and “out there” track of the two. It has a mixture of references and will surely please some ears as well.

I hope you (and your crowds, for the djs reading, after Corona is a thing of the past) enjoy these tracks as much as I enjoyed making them.

There’s even more releases coming up in the following weeks, so please come back soon and check them out, some pretty special tracks are on the way!