Profundidades /Dos | Elk 008

The second installment of Profundidades is now released and available everywhere. More deep goodness included from various fronts of the vast deep House world, I had a lot of fun making these tracks as I always do when making music, and I’m quite happy with how these turned out. I did some experimentation with some quirky recording techniques, for example on the track titled “Five Roses” I put a speaker playing some elements of the song inside a kitchen pot and recorded that into the phone and then layered that with the original sounds…. Weird stuff I thought would sound cool and I think it did.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these tracks, and as I said earlier this month, there’s a lot more stuff coming up and I’m really keeping my word! There’s three more releases happening in the next couple of weeks and tons more in the pipeline which will get done and will be released in the coming months. Let’s go!


1. Thinking of You
2. Sudden Bouts of Attention
3. Five Roses