He said it was okay to sample him…

So I went ahead and did just that.

I enjoy watching Ricky Tinez on YouTube. His videos are very well done and he is not afraid to share his music making secrets, plus it helps to figure out if a piece of hgardware is for you or not. Definitely recommend any music production nerds to check him out if you haven’t already.

The sample (s):

Basically, he has mentioned on his videos that he would be okay with sampling any of his videos for music making, and I decided to try it out and see what would come out. So I sampled several portions of this video into my Digitakt (plus a couple of drum samples from other videos from him) and then basically went to town with the audio material!

Once I was done I messaged him privately and he was cool with it, so I made the track public, and here it is:

There you go! that was a fun little project and hopefully you like the song as well. It is not my usual minimal style but sort of lo-fi House or something, but anyway I think it is good. What do you think?