New mix!! About 80 minutes of records I like; new, old and exclusives, all put together for your (and your hips’) enjoyment, presented by the awesome guys at FLUSH, who are doing a great job in the local scene with their podcasts and parties all over the city which champion a left-field take on House music; much needed deed in the formulaic soup the local scene regularly boils into.

“Flushcast 002 – Bogota | 05·05·14

In a city where djs, producers and musicians keep aiming at reproducing well worn trends, where underground music stands small against the tropical top 40 in a scene so confused with its own identity it hardly resembles what it’s trying to portray, Phillip O stands tall as one of the most uncompromising artists to come out of Colombia. Working quietly from the outskirts of Bogotá Phillip has built one of the most interesting catalogs of music we’ve heard recently and we’re pleased to introduce him to whomever doesn’t know him and to reintroduce him to those who forgot.

Mixed by PHILLIP O for the underground rave society”